We're Video Craftsmen & Tailors
specializing in marketing & global content since 2013


Asset compilation, sound & color enhancement, voiceover, motion graphics and more.


Briefing materials, mapping out footage, leveraging insights and developing a script that clicks.


Prioritizing operations, producing desirable footage within budget.

Who's behind Default Films?

Juhui Kwon

After years of experience working on marketing & advertising video content for high-profile corporate clients and renowned advertising agencies, Juhui saw a need for a reliable, agile and authentic video service partner for marketers and advertisers. Having over a decade of experience in film productions and creative storytelling,

Juhui approaches every project by leveraging her deep expertise and passion. She also understands quality content needs to be produced with a quick turnaround in the digital age. Her remarkable prioritizing and multi-tasking capabilities have been helping marketers and advertisers fulfill their marketing efforts by removing all the obstacles they may face.

Happy Customers

Global Digital Manager Swarovski Group

"We really like the video!
This is fantastic. "

PME Enterprise

"I must say how much I love the new approach to this
sizzle reel. It’s zesty! It captured some of the fun of this year’s event.
I love the bright, quick, playful pace and
light and content."


"Everyone on my team really loves the video."

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